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Who we are

Limeparts-Drooghmans is the most comprehensive dealer of high-end, ventilated façade systems in the Benelux. As the dedicated point of contact, we will take away your worries with a total solution customised to your project that respects the quality of the product supplied and provides the best service. We take care of every aspect of each project, from production, engineering, installation, assembly and more.

Limeparts was established in 1989 as a metal processing company that was a one-stop-shop for sheet metal work and custom casings, while also manufacturing steel and aluminium façade cladding. The range was later expanded with zinc, zinc-aluminium, stainless steel, weathering steel, and composite cassettes. Limeparts grew into an expert in metal ventilated façade systems.

Drooghmans, a family business with more than 45 years of experience in the construction industry, was a well-known player in the decorative ventilated façade cladding sector. It was the preferred partner for ventilated façade cladding made from solid surface, glass, terracotta, ceramics, and solid core and fibre cement panels.

These two companies joined forces in June 2018, combining their expertise in ventilated façade cladding, and becoming a part of the Vaessen Industries Group.

A solution for every design

No matter which façade cladding takes your fancy, you can rely on Limeparts-Drooghmans for endless diversity. Thanks to the wide range of possible cladding materials, each with its own specific properties and aesthetic applications, we can respond flexibly to any demand or trend. Take combination cladding for example, whereby multiple façade systems are combined to give your building its own unique character.

Whether a building is 250 m² or 5,000 m², whether you want to clad the entire exterior or just add a few eye-catchers, we’ll take on any challenge you can throw at us. Customisation and quality are our priorities, regardless of the nature of the project. And naturally, we always tailor the design to your desires and requirements.

Would you like to play with the colour, material, and shape? Anything is possible with our wide range of façade cladding.  This is how we offer architects unlimited design freedom for every project.

Limeparts-Drooghmans is always ready to give you professional advice and brainstorm with you right from the very start. This is certainly true for buildings and façades with a certain level of complexity or geometry. For example, we can work curved elements into the façades. We also guarantee that the building will have the look that you want.

Our high-quality detail finishing gives any façade a unique, personalised character.


Limeparts-Drooghmans maximally focuses on sustainability, both in terms of techniques and production, as well as in the range and high-quality materials. Our environmental management system and quality certificates are proof of this. Plus, we always strive to get the best quality for our customers. This is why we invest in thermal breaks, insulation, and fire safety innovations.

Limeparts-Drooghmans is the most comprehensive provider thanks to the wide range of façade systems. We’re proud of our position and we want to continue to strengthen it. Therefore, we are streamlining our production to become a one-stop shop for developers, promoters, and other customers.

Are you looking for the right material to clad your façade? Do you have any questions about our range? We will be happy to help you further.