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Limeparts and Drooghmans join forces through merger

Limeparts and Drooghmans combine their expertise in ventilated façade cladding.  Since 25 June, both companies have been working together on growth, in supply and turnover.  The Limeparts site in Genk, Belgium, forms the commercial and administrative base for this.  The newly merged company Limeparts-Drooghmans will optimise production at both locations in the short term.

With Koen Vandersmissen (CEO Limeparts) and Sven Drooghmans (CEO Drooghmans) as operational shareholders and Vaessen Industries as main shareholder, Limeparts-Drooghmans has all the in-house potential to offer a total solution for high-end façade cladding. "Both companies specialise in high-quality façade materials," explains Koen Vandersmissen. "Limeparts operates in metal façade cladding, whereas Drooghmans focuses on non-ferrous materials, such as glass, high-pressure compact laminate or ceramic panels. By working together to provide a total solution for combination façades, we respond to the growing demand from the market. At the moment, contractors still have to search for multiple parties for a ventilated façade system with metal and ceramic or other materials. Limeparts-Drooghmans can take this off their hands and offer them a single point of contact."

CEO becomes a job for a duo

The operational running of Limeparts-Drooghmans is in the hands of Koen Vandersmissen and Sven Drooghmans. Driven by their passion and synergies in these areas, they have taken up the position of managing director as a duo. Koen Vandersmissen mainly focuses on the further expansion of the supply activities, while Sven Drooghmans concentrates on the further expansion of construction-related products. Both managing directors have been active in the sector for many years and with Vaessen Industries they have found a financially strong holding company as a partner in this merger.

One-stop shop

"We are absolutely committed to growth and expansion," says Sven Drooghmans. "Both companies are healthy and want to grow beyond what we are currently able to offer individually. Together we will become a one-stop shop for developers, promoters and other customers. Naturally, a merger also means that there are opportunities to come. Not only can our sales representatives now propose a wide range of products, but the technical staff and project management also work closely together. This means that the knowledge will be redistributed in the short term and that the activities will be centralised within Limeparts-Drooghmans. In order to streamline the production processes, we will also carry out optimisation with respect to the allocation of processes and activities, in both directions."

20% increase in turnover

The newly merged company Limeparts-Drooghmans has 150 permanent employees and an average turnover of approximately 20 million euros. "The market is booming," explains Koen Vandersmissen. "Our ambition is to achieve a 20% increase in turnover, by the end of 2020, to 25 million euros. That is also a growth of 50% for our façade activities." There is a real chance that the company will recruit some 20 new employees to this end. "Thanks to the merger, we can position ourselves more efficiently", explains Sven Drooghmans.

Leverage in terms of innovation

For Limeparts-Drooghmans, the merger also creates leverage for a number of innovative investments that are currently under way. "For instance, we are working hard to find a unique way to reduce thermal bridges", explains Koen Vandersmissen. "If you mount a façade on a building, you have to go through the insulation layer to the back wall.  A thermal bridge forms at this site. We developed a thermocutter from a modified polymer that we drill into the insulation and to which we attach our façade. In this way, we limit thermal losses to below 6% of the insulation value. This patented system will be launched from August. Furthermore, we adopt a highly consultative role in the field of building fire safety. Finally, in the context of sustainable business practices and in line with the other (quality) certificates that we have obtained, we will implement an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001.

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