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Playing with shapes and figures in the exterior wall

Auteur: Jens Demets - Bron: Bouwen aan Vlaanderen

The world of architecture is setting increasingly high standards. Every building project needs to be unique and impressive. The fact that originality is still possible today is proven by the metal processing company Limeparts in its renovation of Community Institution De Grubbe. Figure perforations in the exterior façade cassette systems give the façades a modern appearance.

Community Institution De Grubbe is a young people's institution. Renovation was urgently required because the complex no longer satisfied requirements set by the Flemish Government. De Grubbe entrusted the project to the Belgian company, Limeparts. The exterior aluminium cladding gave the Community Institution a fresh look with a combination of traditional façade masonry and figure perforations in the exterior cassette system.

Salamander in exterior façade

Limeparts façade cassette system is a reliable solution for any application of ventilated exterior cladding. They're striking in their simplicity while also forming a unique challenge for architects in their development of any façade design. 'The customer had a clear wish in mind: a recurring salamander figure in the façade cassette system,' says Koen Vandersmissen from Limeparts. 'Figure perforation makes this perfectly possible. The whole thing is assembled invisibly on a vertical supporting structure. This gives the exterior wall a clean, high-quality appearance.'

'We also differentiate ourselves from traditional exterior wall systems through the use of invisible integrated water drainage. This integrated drainage system ensures water drains away behind the façade cassette, so the façades themselves hardly get dirty at all.'

All figures possible

Figure perforation is a versatile application that scores very highly in terms of aesthetic appearance. Patterns can be adapted according to the vision, so possibilities are endless. 3D shapes, photos and particular relief patterns are all possible. Unique design façades are achieved using a flexible production process. The image is entered into a software package, which then converts the picture onto a perforated panel. 'Even sun screening systems are possible. This gives you a solution that reflects the heat but doesn't obstruct the view.”

The figure perforation in De Grubbe isn't a first for Limeparts. Perforated panels also grace the VIVES exterior wall in Kortrijk. 'That was a big challenge. The exterior wall was on a slope. But the result is incredible: the figure perforation in the exterior wall cassette systems creates a beautiful feeling of depth in the façade. However, complex the design, we're happy to take on any challenge. Close consultation with the architect always results in figure perforation adding lots of value,' concludes Koen Vandersmissen.

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