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Project casings

Aesthetic casing for technology and building elements

The Limeparts-Drooghmans project casings are the ideal solution for achieving a modern and uniform project interior. This modular system enables the most diverse heating, cooling and ventilation systems or other architectural elements to be covered in an aesthetically-pleasing and responsible way. Casings are increasingly being customised in consultation with architects and clients.

Filling plates and panels

The casings consist of two parts: a solid supporting structure as the framework on which the four-sided double-folded removable front and/or top panels are mounted. You can choose between suspended or floor support for the installation.

Grids and perforations

Air grids or perforations in the front or on top of the covering? Limeparts-Drooghmans guarantees perfect operation for all heating systems. There are two options for the intake side: either keep the covering open, or have a grid or perforations.

Integration of utility lines

Limeparts project casings don't just cover heating systems and other building elements; all cables ducts and utilities are also given a discreet and extremely functional place in the casing.

User convenience

The simple construction means assembly is very quick, with easy access to all utilities for maintenance. The horizontal and vertical panels can be easily dismantled without using any tools.

Completed projects

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