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Façade cladding with a versatile finish

Thanks to the most comprehensive range of ventilated façade cladding, Limeparts-Drooghmans can offer you an extensive choice of materials, finishes, or aesthetic solutions for your façade cladding. This way, we become a reliable, solid partner who offers a high-quality solution for every project: striking in its simplicity while simultaneously offering architects a unique challenge when developing their construction or façade designs. We help to creatively brainstorm with the architects during the design phase to create unique façade cladding together.

We not only think outside the box together with the architect when designing a façade, but when developing our own products as well. Using our in-house engineering department, we strongly focus on developing innovative, sustainable façade claddings that last a long time and have major insulating properties.

We focus on the integral quality assurance, aesthetics, and quality necessary to provide the finish for buildings on projects at home and abroad.

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