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Ceramic cladding

Customers are more frequently opting for ceramic façade cladding. It’s not only original and beautiful; it also offers a lot of advantages in terms of insulation, strength, and sustainability.  The material is colour-fast, retains its shape, and has a high resistance to the effects of weather. In addition to provocative colours, you can also opt for soberer hues for a more discreet appearance. There are practically endless variations for sizes as well. Another great advantage of ceramic cladding is that it’s easy to replace. You won’t have any noticeable colour difference between the old and new ceramic cladding, like you would with stone.

Technical info

Ceramic cladding

Material ceramic cladding

surface bulk coloured or not

max. dimension 1000 x 3000 mm (depending on the application)

Completed projects Ceramic cladding

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